Experience nutrition your way – Quick, easy and effective.

There’s a nutrient or cocktail mix for each of your needs. Come by Vis Vitalis for a quick boost so you can get back on your feet, fast and refreshed.


Experience nutrition your way – Quick, easy and effective.

There’s a nutrient or cocktail mix for each of your needs. Come by Vis Vitalis for a quick boost so you can get back on your feet, fast and refreshed.

beauty blasts

Managing your weight and skin care without sacrificing performance.

The great thing about our Beauty Blasts is that it not only works, but it works while keeping your energy levels up. Vis Vitalis wants to make sure your beauty is truly from the inside out – from your body’s overall health, to weight management to skin refining and rejuvenation.

Weight loss & management

Skin refining and smoothing with glow

Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging

power skinny

Burns fat without compromising performance

skin refiners

Clears blemishes and enhances glow


Losing not just the weight, but all the cellulites, too


Slows down aging and rejuvenates the skin

body bombs

Healthiness from top to bottom, inside and out.

We have shots for all parts of your body and for any occassion. Our Body Bombs help you live healthier and are complimentary to detox, anemia and fighting the unwatned from illness and viruses. We will even be here for you to help you recover from a rough night out.

General health

Virus combat

Full body detox and recovery

wonder woman

Balances hormones & eases that time of the month

heartful CoQ10

Protects your heart and everything around it

sunny Ds

All the Ds you need to streamline your thoughts, help with immunity and strengthen your bones

body cleanser

Complimentary shot, taking your detox and cleanse to the next level


All things manly, including caring for your prostate

iron fist

Great for aiding Anemia, or for people who just need a bit more iron in their lives

virus away

Fight the viral infections, outbreaks, including herpes simplex virus

hang overs

You took care of the fun last night, and we’ll take care of your day today

 Brain boosts

Don’t let your body get all the fun and nutrients. Let your mind get some, too.

Sometimes you just need that extra kick to help you think straight, concentrate, or act more responsibly. We all need to take care of our brain and help it run more effectively and efficiently…especially on those Monday mornings!

Emotional management

Focus & Concerntration


go time

Coffee ain’t cutting it. Go Time helps with your energy and concentration without the jitters

me time

Why not relax while replenish? There’s nothing better than resting well knowing your body’s being taken care of as well

thinking time

When your emotions are all over the place, Thinking Time is here to help you be the master of your own mind

What is IM Injection Therapy?

Intramuscular (IM) Injection Therapy is one of the most commonly used technique to deliver nutrients and medications striaght into your body, allowing it to be absorbed more effectively and efficiently. The most commonly known IM therapy is flu or vaccination shots. At Vis Vitalis, we use it to introduce nutrients so you get all the benefits faster and get to enjoy your day, sooner and healthier.

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"If I could give Vis Vitalis 10 stars I would in a heartbeat!!...The PRP helped me so dramatically. 3 days after receiving the PRP into my hand, I was then able to start writing again. And 3 days after PRP was injected into my foot I was able to stand. "

Jasmine O.

5 Star Yelp Review

"I’ve healed more than 90% after my third shot. As I said before this is the best recovery I’ve experienced which worked and lasted. The treatment was definitely worth the money I spent on it. I definitely would recommend Dr. Kensive."

Nick H.

5 Star Yelp Review

"I am only week one into recovery from my PRF microneedling facial and my skin already looks SO FREAKING AMAZING. My skin is noticeably more even and smooth-looking and redness from my scars/hyper-pigmentation has reduced noticeably."

Jackie Y.

5 Star Yelp Review

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